Patio Covers: Frequently Asked Questions

Are your covers waterproof?
Yes! All of our covers are waterproof. Our Classic and Classic Khaki Brown covers have ultrasonically welded seams for added moisture protection. Our Signature material covers have a water-resistant coating and extra binding on the interior to keep water from penetrating at the double-stitched seams.
Why should you cover patio furniture?
When you cover your wood, metal, wicker or plastic patio furniture, you're protecting an investment. Although patio furniture sets may range in price, all patio furniture is kept outdoors and exposed to Mother Nature. It's important to protect your patio furniture from rain, mold, mildew, bird droppings, insects and other damaging outdoor elements. Covered patio furniture will last longer, saving you both time and money.
Do these covers have a warranty?
Yes! All cover types carry either a 1-year (Classic and Classic Khaki Brown Material) or a 2-year (Signature Material) limited manufacturer's warranty. To claim your warranty, you will need to retain your original order receipt.
What is the difference between Signature, Classic and Classic Khaki Brown materials?
Our Signature Material is a woven textile, made of thick 600 denier polyester. This is the same material that is used to cover boats, RVs and jet skis. Available in our Tan Tweed and Signature Tan Collections, our Signature Material is thick and ultra-weather resistant.
Our Classic Material is a three layer composite material, made with spunbond polypropylene. This material is lighter than our Signature Material, and is the same material used to cover trucks, cars and SUVs. Available in our Nutmeg collection, our Classic Material is light weight and durable.
Our Classic Khaki Brown Material is also made of spun-bond polypropylene. Our Classic Khaki Brown covers feature an internal layer of microporous waterproof film to block rain and snow, but also to release trapped water vapor, preventing rust, mold and mildew growth. Our Classic Khaki Brown covers feature a tasteful two-tone khaki and brown design that hides dirt and looks stunning in any setting.
All of our materials are 100% waterproof and treated for UV resistance.
How do I cover my furniture?
First, clean your outdoor furniture. You'll get the best results from your covers if you're covering clean and dry patio furniture. Next, identify the front of your cover and slip the cover over your furniture – make sure the front of the cover facing the front of your furniture. Once the cover is on, pull it taut and all the way down. Then, secure your cover to your furniture using the buckle and straps, or tie down straps located under your cover.
Are patio covers machine washable?
Yes, our patio products are machine washable. Please use an industrial front load washer only. However, you cannot put your covers in the dryer, please lay flat or line dry.
How do I clean my patio furniture covers?
The simplest way to clean your covers is to spot-clean any dirt or spots on your cover with a soft cloth and diluted (watered down) mild detergent.
Are the patio collections mold and mildew resistant?
Trapped moisture causes mold and mildew growth, and our covers are designed to allow moisture to evaporate. Our Classic and Classic Khaki Brown Material is breathable, so moisture can evaporate out through the material itself, while our Signature Material has a positive air flow venting system.
We get a lot of wind. How do these covers stay on my patio furniture?
Our furniture covers feature a strap and buckle system (for chairs, sofas, and chaises) and/or a tie-down system to secure them to your furniture. Making sure you get the best fit will also reduce the effect of wind on your covers, so be sure to measure your furniture carefully. If you live in a windy location, it's helpful to invest in our mini gust guards, clamps that attach to your covers to help hold them down.
Do the table covers have a hole for the umbrella?
Because our covers aren't custom made for each table, we are unable to put a hole in the cover for umbrellas. We do, however, carry separate umbrella covers at great prices. These covers are available in our Signature, Classic and Classic Khaki Brown material. Before ordering, be sure to check how to measure patio umbrellas.
How do I measure for patio covers?
When measuring your patio furniture for covers, it's important to have near exact dimensions. While purchasing oversized patio covers is easier, these covers sometimes cannot block out mold, mildew, and moisture. Use our helpful guides and illustrations to properly measure the dimensions of outdoor furniture. Here are some frequently asked questions about measuring certain patio furniture items: