Classic Plus

Stylish Waterproof Protection!

Elegant Two-Tone Design

Our Classic Plus Material is available in our sophisticated Two-Tone Khaki and Brown Collection. With a cloth-like feel, our Classic Plus material is a technologically-advanced spun-bond polypropylene that includes a microporous waterproof film between layers. This prevents rain, snow or sleet from penetrating the cover, while allowing water vapor to evaporate underneath, preventing moisture build up and the problems that result, like rust, mold or mildew. Our Classic Plus fabric is also UV treated to resist UV rays and protect your furniture and cushions from fading. The attractive two-tone design adds elegance to your patio, deck, backyard or porch.

Our Classic Plus material is also lightweight and easy to slip on and off your patio furniture, allowing you to quickly and easily cover and uncover your furniture at a moment’s notice.

Proven Protection, Rain or Shine

Our Classic Plus material is 100% waterproof to prevent your furniture from wear and damage from rain, snow and ice. Keeping your furniture dry is important for its longevity, as moisture can quickly cause corrosion, mold or mildew, which is difficult to remedy and can render your furniture unusable. Our microporous material allows trapped moisture to escape, preventing these time-consuming and costly problems. Covering your furniture allows it to look as nice as the day you bought it!

Unique Buckle and Strap System

Our strap and buckle system helps keep the cover securely attached to your furniture, and built-in ties allow you to anchor the cover to the furniture’s legs.

Blending Style and Protection

Made without harmful chemicals or VOCs, our patio furniture covers combine advanced textile technology with attractive functionality. Breathable and lightweight, they’re easy to put on and take off and fold up compactly so they can be stored without a lot of fuss. Our Classic Plus patio covers are also machine washable for easy clean up (please line or hang dry to maintain the fabric’s waterproof and UV protective properties).

All of our Classic Plus Material patio furniture covers include a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty, that offers full replacement of any cover that doesn’t live up to your needs.

The Two-Tone Khaki and Brown design of our Classic Plus collection not only looks elegant, but the chocolate brown border effortlessly hides dirt and scuff marks. Available for grills, patio furniture, accessories, and more, liven up any space with our classy new Classic Plus line.

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