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Classic Collection

Cloth-like & Light Weight

Our Classic Material is made of a state of the art three-layer material that is used to cover cars, trucks and SUVS. The two external layers are comprised of high tech spun-bond polypropylene, and treated with a UV compound. The internal layer is derived from a sturdy waterproof and breathable material. These three layers, used in combination, offer a defensive covering that will fortify and protect all of your patio furniture.

Classic Nutmeg

Neutral and soft, our Classic Nutmeg collection will compliment nearly any patio setting. This collection is made from a three layer spun-bond polypropylene material that is durable, yet light-weight. The two external layers of this material are UV treated, while the internal layer is waterproof and breathable, to prevent mold. This collection is tan in color and will add luxury to your patio furniture set, all while keeping it protected from the elements.

Classic Slate

Keep your patio furniture looking attractive and in ready use condition with our Classic Slate collection. This collection is ideal for those who want to keep their outdoor living space looking serene during both the on and off seasons. Made from a three layer spun-bond polypropylene material our Slate collection is a soothing bluish gray color. The two external layers of this material are UV treated, while the internal layer is waterproof and breathable, to prevent mold. Tranquil, yet weather protective, the Slate collection is sure to be a stress free investment.

Classic Plus Collection

Elegant Two-Tone Fabric, Lightweight and Waterproof

With a cloth-like feel, our Classic Plus material is a technologically-advanced spun-bond polypropylene that includes a microporous waterproof film between layers. This allows no rain, snow or sleet to penetrate the cover, while allowing water vapor to evaporate underneath, preventing moisture build up and the problems that result, like rust, mold or mildew. Our Classic Plus fabric is also UV treated to resist UV rays and protect your furniture and cushions from fading. The attractive two-tone Khaki and Brown design adds elegance to your patio, deck, backyard or porch.

Signature Collection

Heavy & Durable Material

The Signature Material is comprised of a heavy duty, 600 denier polyester material that is thick and durable. This material is 100% waterproof and UV treated, to provide your furniture with all-weather protection. Our Signature Material is also environmentally friendly. The interior of the material is treated with a dioxin-free, water-proof coating that will help ensure the longevity of your patio furniture, without emitting harmful vapors into the atmosphere.

Signature Tan

Keep your patio furniture protected on and off season with our Signature Tan patio furniture collection. Designed with both quality and style in mind, our Signature Tan collection is modern, durable and perfect for entertaining. This collection looks great on and will keep your patio set in ready to use condition. The material is made from sturdy 600 denier polyester that defends against, rain, snow, dust, dirt and tree sap. Vents on the side of this material keep air flow circulating, without letting moisture in. Our Signature Tan collection looks fantastic against any yard, rooftop deck or poolside spot.

Signature Tan Tweed

Feel at home with our Tan Tweed collection. This collection blends flawlessly against any outdoor landscape and features a neutral, yet elegant, tan colored material with a dark gray piping that lines the seams. This durable 600 denier polyester material will keep your patio furniture protected from harsh outdoor elements, like rain, snow, dust, dirt and tree sap. Vents on the side of this material keep air flow circulating, without letting moisture in. Our Tan Tweed collection will be sure to keep your outdoor patio or deck looking warm and welcoming, even on the cloudiest days.

RUST-Oleum® Collection

Cutting Edge Materials

We are committed to providing our customers with reliable products that are made from cutting edge materials that are proven to protect and prolong the life of your patio furniture and outdoor living products. Our Rust-Oleum& Thermal Blok™ and Corrode Blok™ grill cover fabrics are the newest addition to our patio collection. Designed specifically to extend the life of your outdoor grill, our Rust Reducing Grill Cover and our Heat Resistant Grill Covers will keep your grill protected season after season.

THERMAL BLOK™ Technology

Cover your grill just minutes after turning it off! Thermal Blok™ Technology is a ground breaking technology that combines heat and flame resistant fibers to create a blanket layer that will not melt or burn, so you can cover your grill immediately after use. All of our Thermal Blok™ Grill covers and defend against hazardous outdoor elements, like rain, sun, dust, dirt and leaves. These covers remain flexible in the coldest environments and are fade resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your grill cover looking old or worn out.

Please note: It is never safe to put a cover, including one with Thermal Blok™ technology on a grill (gas or wood burning) that is still burning.

Corrode Blok™ Technology

Corrode Blok™ is a revolutionary technology that is designed specifically to protect against the damaging effects of rust and corrosion. Corrode Blok™ features a VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) film that effectively prevents the buildup of rust or corrosion, to help extend the life of your grill. This material is breathable and flexible in cold weather environments, so you can keep your cover on all year long. In addition to protecting against rust and corrosion, Corrode Blok™ covers will also effectively repel rain, sun, water, dust, dirt, leaves, tree sap and other harmful outdoor elements.

Camouflage Collection

Camouflage Collection

Our Polyester Oxford Cloth Camouflage collection is designed to protect your grill while providing outdoorsy style, or even to hide a grill that’s an eyesore. The tough, 600-denier fabric is waterproof and UV-treated, and will protect your grill from rain, snow and sun. It’s also breathable, to ensure that trapped water vapor can escape and prevent mold, mildew and rust. Our tree-print camouflage pattern instantly disguises whatever it covers.